Years of Juvenilia and Surrealism / Miscellaneous Pieces

Another Study in Boredom

Consequences of Leaving a Record

Consequences unwound (with switchbacks)

Consequences IV/Tricycle – in progress

A door just opened on a street…

Everything Will Make Sense Given Time


Lesser Consequences

Moderate Symmetries

Relics of A Lost State

Ripple In Empty Pool

Searcher, Portrait in 12-tone

Seasick Landbound

See You Soon

Summa de Nada

A Walk Through The Gardens, Hazy Morning

1st Collection of Essences and Ephemera

2nd Collection of Essences and Ephemera

35000 ft. above the sea

7-year interim

These are mostly “early works” that I still think are worth a listen, with a few newer oddities sprinkled in. They are more eclectic than most of my recent work. Some of these pieces utilize the numerous rock songs I wrote from 1992-2001 as their point of departure.