Everything Will Make Sense Given Time

everything-150x150Everything Will Make Sense Given Time

1. people are gone too MP3 Duration: 1:32

2. band (a) / exhale (sweet dreamer) MP3 Duration: 6:53

3. reprise / (b) MP3  Duration: 7:58

4. everything remembered / closer dream desert (unexplained) MP3  Duration: 8:54

5. preludes (like morning) / transport (heavenfire) MP3  Duration: 15:00

6. burning, sweet as day / water, nothing unravels MP3 Duration: 8:28

7. watchmaker’s paradise MP3 Duration: 4:44

Total duration: 54 min

Year(s) of composition: 2005-2008

Like Summa de Nada, Everything… collages compositional etudes and rock songs. Some of the collaged materials found on Everything… were already collaged for earlier pieces so the end result is partially a collage-of-collages.


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