1st Collection of Essences and Ephemera

1st Collection of Essences and Ephemera

MP3 to follow

Year(s) of composition: 2000-2004, extracted and compiled in 2009

1st Collection of Essences and Ephemera:
gifts, sacred works, musical abortions, solitude, dried fruit, word-stripped songs, sentimentalities, and music for children, shadow-play, film, stage, tunnels, and miscellaneous other vacancies

The Collections of Essences and Ephemera contain both excerpts (essences) of pieces – sometimes just a short melody stated once – as well as complete shorter pieces (ephemera). The 1st collection contains pieces composed between 2000-2004. Those not written for unaccompanied piano(s) were arranged in 2008. These are largely light, fun, spontaneously-created pieces, some of which served particular extra-musical functions. They are more traditional than most of my other work.


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