Scrapbook/Landform Variations Book 1

1680549056-1-150x150Scrapbook/Landform Variations Book 1

STOP! Please listen with headphones or full speakers or else you will miss much of the music. 

The internal speakers of computers, cell phones, MP3 players (including IPODs) and tablets generally aren’t good enough. As a test, if you do not hear a fairly loud low rumbling note in the first few seconds of the first track, Declaration of War (LFV1), your speakers do not have enough bass frequency response to play all the music in this album. Additional pops, clicks, and distortion may also occur with lower-fidelity playback equipment.  [Declaration of War (LFV1) was slightly distorted just from the conversion to MP3 format; here is a higher fidelity WAV file (70.5MB).

1 Declaration of War (LFV1) MP3 Duration:  6:39

2 Of Knowing Others (Alone) MP3 Duration: 13:16

3 Wormholes: Canonically Flat MP3 Duration: 7:26

4 Pith Of An Inheritance, Inconspicuous And Rare (LFV2) MP3 Duration: 10:56

5 Suite MP3 Duration: 6:46

  1. Scrapbook (0:00)
  2. If You Lived Here, You’d Already Be Home (LFV3) (3:40)
  3. As If We Were Invisible (LFV4) (4:56)
  4. As the Subconscious Is Mythology…(LFV5) (5:34)

6 To Slow The Speed Of Life… (LFV6) MP3 Duration: 5:00

7 Microcosm With Fractal Edging (Study in 10-EDO) MP3 Duration: 5:34

8 The Turn Inside (LFV7-9)/Solemnity Arcs (Study in 11-EDO) MP3 Duration: 5:25

9 Cascade And Cirque (LFV10-16) MP3 Duration: 8:06

10 The Journey That Is Taking Me (LFV17-22) MP3 Duration: 5:00

Total duration: 75 minutes

Years of composition: 2005-2011

About the Landform Variations

About the Scrapbook pieces:

In 2006, I wrote a piece for theremin and violin called Of Knowing Others which was the basis for this solo electronic piece. The original piece was largely constructed to facilitate different kinds of improvisational interplay between the performers so reworking it was an interesting challenge. I chose the title from a quote attributed to Confucius: “I do not fear that others do not know me; rather I fear it is I who does not know others.”

Wormholes: Canonically Flat was composed in 2005 and revised in 2011. The canonic form of the piece is conceptually modeled on a wormhole: a shortcut through the time-space continuum or a way to quickly (or instantly) travel to another place or time. Astro-physicists disagree on whether wormholes exist, whether they could be formed by two connected black holes, and whether anything could survive passing through them.  The piece is “flat” because there are “flattened” elements of stasis in the piece.

Suite is a collage which combines previously unused material generated for For Melinda Rice and Of Knowing Others with LFVs 3, 4, and 5. There are four sections:

  • 1) Scrapbook (0:00)
  • 2) If You Lived Here, You’d Already Be Home (LFV3) (3:40)
  • 3) As If We Were Invisible (LFV4) (4:56)
  • 4) As the Subconscious Is Mythology…(LFV5) (5:34)

Microcosm With Fractal Edging and Solemnity Arcs are studies in which 10- and 11- equally divisions of an octave (EDO) are used instead of the 12-EDO typical in Western music.

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