Landform Variations Book 2

cabin1-225x300Landform Variations Book 2

STOP! Please listen with headphones or full speakers or else you will miss much of the music. 

01 Illusory Bricks (LFV23) MP3 Duration: 2:24

02 Introduction and Cabin for HC (LFV24) MP3 Duration: 20:02

03 Heartbeat/Pornography from Oblivion (LFV25) MP3 Duration: 6:44

04 Reflection through Glass (LFV26) MP3 Duration: 20:28

05 Wastelands or The Bad Place (LFV27-32) MP3 Duration: 33:36

06 In Can(y)ons (LFV27-32 alternate realization) MP3 Duration: 54:36

Total duration: approx 2 hours 19 minutes

Year(s) of composition: 2008-2015

About the Landform Variations (LFVs)

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